Glide Motor Comparison

When the trail gets steep and technical, the M500 drive system comes into its own. With enormous 95 Nm of torque it delivers consistent, powerful and efficient support. Two speed sensors and a torque sensor ensure perfectly-tuned and sensitive power output. With this high-performance and lightweight (3.3kg) system riding your favorite single track twice might not even be enough.

 Company/Model Torque Weight Modes Walk Assist
Bafang M500 95Nm 3.3 kg 5 Yes
Bosch CX 2020 75Nm 2.79 kg 4 Yes
Brose Drive S 90 Nm 3.5 kg 5 Yes
Panasonic GX 10 90 Nm 2.9 kg 4 Yes
Shimano STEPS E8000 70 Nm 2.9 kg 3 Yes
Shimano STEPS E7000 60 Nm 2.78 kg 3 Yes
Yamaha PW-X 80 Nm 3.06 kg 5 Yes